Sheboygan Falls, WI, April 5, 2017….

Long inspired by the vision of its world-class customers, innovation continues to be the driving force behind Bemis Contract Group’s reaffirmed strategic focus, company officials announced today.  The goal today is similar to what it’s long been:  to deliver the innovation leading OEM’s require to get on top and stay there in fiercely competitive markets.

This strategy is manifested in the new brand tagline Helping Leading Brands Lead and showcased in a new website at

In designing this strategy, Bemis sought input internally and externally from both supply chain partners and customers.  This research was designed to determine what matters most in the marketplace and the need that Bemis uniquely fills. Insights from one-on-one interviews were used to chart the path forward.

According to Randy Herman, president of the Bemis Contract Group, the answer was both consistent and clear. “Our customers are under tremendous pressure to push the envelope with game-changing product innovations that deliver more – and often more quickly.  At the same time, it’s important that we augment process innovation with responsiveness, agility and ability to scale.  Those are critical components to launching new products effectively. Our customers are looking for a partner that can bring it all together to create a real advantage for them in the marketplace.”

“There’s a mindset at Bemis that it’s important to explore possibilities without boundaries.  This enables us to make sure that we are collaborating with our clients and supply chain partners, and integrating capabilities wherever possible.  We combine this with financial strength, a willingness to make upfront investments and a true desire to help our customers succeed.  The end result is an ability to turn well-vetted ideas into the innovations OEM’s need to win,” Herman explained.

According to Jim Feiertag, Bemis Manufacturing Co. CEO, the company is proud of the role the Contract Group plays in helping leading Brands lead.  “The Bemis legacy of innovation is a long standing and important one. We’re committed to continue equipping them with the talents, resources, and investments they need to deliver on this promise today and into the future.”

For more than 60 years, Bemis Contract Group has been inspired by the visions of its world-class OEM customers. Integrating broad and deep competencies, a culture of innovation and advanced manufacturing technologies, Bemis is committed to continually meet the evolving needs of customers across multiple industries. With three state-of-the-art facilities and more than 2 million square feet of production capacity, Bemis augments innovation with the responsiveness, agility and ability to scale that its customers need to get on top and stay there in fiercely competitive markets.

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