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Commitment to Sustainability

When it comes to sustainable manufacturing, at Bemis, we take pride in being responsible stewards of the environment. Our goal is to use our technology and experience to not only serve our customers, but to also ensure we do right by the planet – offering greater sustainability in plastics.

We strive to address sustainability on multiple fronts:

  1. 1 Not adding to the waste stream
  2. 2 Repurposing materials that would have been discarded by other sources
  3. 3 Reducing the energy demand in the production of our products
  4. 4 Utilizing and inventing processes that minimize or eliminate the need for introducing new raw materials
  1. 5 Recycling millions of pounds of plastics from our multi-material/co-injection machines
  2. 6 Working closely with customers to develop reusable and returnable packaging
  3. 7 Co-existing with nature, recreating over 40 acres as naturual prairie with walking paths and open spaces
  4. 8 It just makes sense to do our part – a sustainable environment helps sustain our business
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Our ideal combination of competencies, experience and financial strength allows us to continually invest in the resources required to make innovation a reality.