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Maximizing Impact Across Multiple Markets

More than just providing advanced technologies, we bring years of experience across a broad range of industries to anticipate increasingly sophisticated market demands. We excel at delivering breakthrough innovations across varying industries.

Whether creating parts that withstand heavy impacts, hold up under harsh environments, or retain high aesthetics, we know what it takes to make parts that perform year after year. Our focus is on customizing the solutions needed for our customers to win in highly competitive markets.

Agriculture / construction

With over 30 years of experience in this market, we think like a customer to deliver leading-edge exterior parts (fenders, hoods, etc.), internal subassembly, interior cab and around the engine components  (tanks and air management) for large tractors, farm equipment and construction vehicles such as backhoes and front end loaders.

  • Large part molding and complex tooling expertise strengthens and expedites the product development process.
  • Optimizing manufacturing processes and part consolidation leads to increased efficiencies and reduced cost.
  • Superior material selection and molded-in color capabilities increases durability and end-user pride of ownership.

Recreational products

Creating rugged, highly aesthetic parts is not an oxymoron in this market. Understanding the impacts, performance and safety requirements of this fast-paced industry, we can help you deliver your customers a memorable recreational adventure – wherever their journey takes them.

  • Being involved early on in the product development process, we optimize both product and processing performance.
  • Collaborating with customers and our network of world-class material suppliers, we have the experience to deliver the aesthetics and performance this market demands.
  • Delivering cost-effective solutions by: eliminating paint; simultaneously molding dissimilar components; reducing secondary operations; and optimizing cycle times.

Lawn & Garden

We know firsthand the applications and environments that parts are exposed to in this sector. Whether creating a soft-touch steering wheel, a fire wall on the inside of a hood, in-mold labeling on instrument panels, or performing metal to plastic conversions, we consistently deliver high-performance, durable parts.

  • Applying teardown testing and analysis and best-in-market evaluations to inform upfront design and engineering, we turn big ideas into commercially-viable solutions.
  • Leveraging experience and capabilities in large part, complex molding enables us to deliver optimal results.
  • Utilizing years of experience with engineering-grade materials, we set new standards in molding and delivering the solutions this market demands.

Heavy Truck

In the midst of intense competition and ever-tightening regulations governing fuel efficiency, we provide vehicle manufacturers the disruptive technologies they need regarding emissions and safety. Our experience, broad capabilities and infrastructure enable us to manufacture components with the precision, functionality and durability our customers need.

  • Optimizing design and molding configurations delivers time, weight and cost saving solutions.
  • Specializing in large parts, we also excel at custom designed, molded and welded tanks.
  • Tackling lightweighting considerations, we focus on solutions for metal to plastic conversions to deliver lighter parts – lighter trucks mean heavier loads and greater fuel economy.


Inspired by state-of-the-art design, we are driven to manufacture highly aesthetic and versatile furniture across different environments – whether at home, work or play. Upfront collaboration ensures that design and molding considerations are incorporated with manufacturing efficiencies to optimize quality and value.

  • Our early involvement in the design process allows us to deliver innovative ergonomic and aesthetic features – maximizing comfort and style for products used daily.
  • Integrating our broad range of molding and welding capabilities with a full range of secondary operations and assembly allows us to deliver breakthrough products for our customers.
  • Combining process efficiency, design for manufacturability and material selection, we strike an ideal balance between form and function.

Across Markets

Looking for something that hasn’t been done before? How about a shopping cart made of all plastic – with assembly, inventory management and delivery included? Or a bed frame that is attractive, easy to assemble and able to hide smart-bed cables and cords? At Bemis Contract Group, we manufacture custom solutions that bring your vision to life – regardless of the industry.

  • Possessing many “tools” in our “toolbox”, we have the range and depth of perspectives to provide design innovation across markets.
  • Combining our wide range of in-house capabilities, we overcome complexity and streamline supply chains across a variety of markets.
  • Supporting our global network of partners and culture of innovation with financial strength and a willingness to take on new challenges, we give customers the confidence they need and the results they demand.
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